Chenyu (Sev) Hou | 侯宸羽

Ph.D | UBC

Assistant Professor | the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

I obtained my PhD from Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia in July, 2021. I am an assistant professor at the School of Management and Economics, CUHK Shenzhen.

My research interest is in Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, with specific focus on expectation formation, learning and information acquisition. I also have special interest in utilizing Deep Learning tools to solve economic problems.

Curriculum vitae

What's New?

Monetary Policy when the Phillips Curve is Quite Flat (updated 2022-03): Paper

Convergence Across Castes (updated 2022-05): Paper

Uncovering Subjective Models from Survey Expectations (updated 2022-06): Paper